Racing Safety Rules and Regulations For Beginners

By definition, racing is a competition of speed to cover a given distance. During racing, competitors compete to complete a race in the shortest time possible. Therefore racing can be categorized into different categories such as horse racing, car racing, and bike racing among others. For safety reasons, there are several rules and regulations that one is supposed to follow during racing even though they apply to different types of racing.


Racing Helmets.  All drivers during a race should wear a helmet. Full face helmet is advisable to prevent the driver from head injury in case of a car crash during a race. Racing helmets are most applicable to bike racers and motorists – my advise on strategies for defensive driving.


Safety Vest.  Motorist racers should wear a brightly colored vest that helps fellow racers to spot a competitor in front easily to avoid corrosion.


Knee and elbow Guard.  The guards are applicable to motorists where the guard protects the sensitive joint that can lead to disability in case of a roll.


Seatbelts.  The driver should always fasten a seatbelt, where all cars must at least have an accepted fast release seat belt for driver’s seat. This makes the driver be in place in case of an accident.


Maintain track.  During racing, drivers should always maintain track at any circumstance for a fast and effective race. As racing is competing to cover a given distance at a given time.


Battery relocation.  In case the battery is not in place, the car should have an external cut-off switch near the driver’s seat to disconnect the electrical system of the car and also to stop the engine in case of emergency.


Wheels and lug nuts.  Before any racer set off for a race you should confirm that all wheels of the car one is using have lug nuts properly installed and fastened. The thread of the nuts should have a good depth to enable proper fastening that the wheel cannot easily dislocate.


In any type of racing the competitors should be very keen to the laid safety rule and regulation for a smooth and effective challenge that will bring positive results.


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